A note about Record Store Day


We recently heard via a fan on Twitter that our first album, When the Sun’s Gone Down, is being reissued and released on vinyl by a former label, Narnack Records, on Record Store Day.

We are as proud today of this record as we were when it was first released in 2005 and excited that it is finally making its way to vinyl. However, Narnack Records has failed to communicate with us regarding this album. We had no knowledge of this release and in the past 11 years we have seen no accounting and no payment from them for any album sales.

We are honored that the stores have ordered this album for Record Store Day and it is very important to us that our fans continue to support these stores regardless of any label wrongdoing. Our goal for this message is simply to give those reading this insight regarding this situation.

Please visit your local record stores this Saturday, April 16th – they’ll have all kinds of incredible music including a Record Store Day exclusive EP from us, “Live at Grimey’s,” released by our amazing label, Dualtone Music Group, and recorded at one of the best indie record shops in the world in Nashville, Tennessee.

Much Love,
Langhorne & Malachi