More SOLO Shows Announced! NYC, Philly, Nashville, Chicago!

Greetings amigos. I’ve enjoyed these last solo shows so darn much that I’ve decided to play a few more dates before the end of 2014. Here’s NY and my original hometown of Philadelphia. I’m coming home to see my family, watch Eagles football, and sing for y’all, so grab tix below and come get yer freak on with me. The band and I will start recording our new record soon after so keep eyes and ears open for updates. As always, stay wild, mighty, and well. Life’s a carnival and we are the beautiful freaks.

- El Slimster

Nov 8  - Arnoldsville, GA @ Wildwood Revival – Buy Tickets

Nov 9 – Chicago, IL @ The City Winery w/ Ali Sperry and the Family Vacation - Buy Tickets

Nov 10 – Chicago, IL @ The City Winery w/ Ali Sperry and the Family Vacation - Buy Tickets

Nov 28 – Nashville, TN @ City Winery w/ Jill Andrews – Buy Tickets

Dec 1 – New York, NY @ City Winery - WFUV Public Radio Presents LIVE Broadcast – Buy Tickets (Public on-sale Thu 10/30)

Dec 2 – New York, NY @ City Winery – Buy Tickets (Public on-sale Thu 10/30)

Dec 4 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts – Buy Tickets (On-sale on Fri 10/31)

Wildwood Revival!

I’m honored and energized to have friends that are dreamers. The wild ones, the feelers, the beautiful freaks. For these are the ones that dance without needing to know the moves. I recently played at an amazing gathering by Hudson, NY called Manifest organized by such friends. For an idea of what I’m talkin’ about, watch the video below!

I’m delighted be to performing solo at another festival organized by more soul rebels in Arnoldsville, GA called Wildwood Revival. That’s coming up on November 8th. More info at

Love and light to y’all!!

- El Slim

Manifest Hudson from MANIFEST : HUDSON on Vimeo.

An Incredible Journey!

Dear friends, we’ve had an incredible journey these last two years since ‘The Way We Move’ was released. It’s been a wild, beautiful adventure that has led us not to feeling road weary and worn but renewed and reborn. The time has come to get off the road for a bit and work on new material in hopes of recording this winter. Thank you all so much for your love and support. A song is still a song when nobody is listening but it ain’t a party. Thank you for making it a party. We love you all.

New Video with Seth Avett! “Be Set Free”

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with our dear friends The Avett Brothers for a few shows. On this journey, both Harvey Robinson (The Mystic) & Crackerfarm (The Legend and/or The Hero) were along to capture the goings on, the shenanigans, and the what have yous, if you will. And capture they did. Here’s the first of two videos. Thanks to both men and to the man they call Seth for his friendship and music. Y’all enjoy now!