Falling Whistles! A Campaign for Peace in Congo

Dear friends, we hope this finds you well. I wanted to make y’all aware of a project that we’ve become passionate about and are proudly supporting. The guys and I have been wearing whistles in protest of the war and atrocities in the Congo. They’re called Falling Whistles and we’re joining with our friends to try and sell 1,000 of them before Human Rights Day, DEC 10th, 2013.

I’m also going to be making a one-of-a-kind whistle that can be yours if you decide to get involved! The whistle will be given away through a contest via the 1000whistles website.

Please visit www.1000whistles.com/langhorneslim to learn more about this program, the contest, and how to buy a whistle to rock yourself. Thanks for taking the time to check this out. We appreciate it!

– Sean Boy Slim