Introducing….the Stetson x Langhorne

Dear friends,
It’s with great pleasure that I reveal to you a wild dream come true. About a year ago this time, I met up with the legendary Stetson hat company and expressed to them a deep and somewhat giddy desire to design a hat someday. To my surprise, they replied, ‘Cool, tell us more.’ I told them about a magical hat that I once owned. I found it in a second hand shop in Oregon and wore it almost every day for about two years – I loved that hat.  Upon leaving for a tour one morning, I decided to leave it behind in Nashville.  While gone, a flood hit Tennessee and took with it what it wanted, including my hat.  I imagined the beautiful black brim floating down a river somewhere, or perhaps finding its way to the bottom. I wanted in part to bring that hat back to life. I also told them that I’d dreamt of a hat that was part Charlie Chaplin, part Buster Keaton, part Huck Finn, and part Oliver Twist – and that if you added all those delicious ingredients together, you’d wind up with the perfect hat.  When I stopped talking, they looked at me for a few moments and said, incredibly, ‘Let’s do it.’  Sometimes you just have to ask. I’m so glad I did because we made that hat and now we’ve got 300 limited edition brims to offer you. It’s the hat of my dreams, and I’m truly honored to present it to you here. Ladies and gents, the Stetson x Langhorne!


Let’s see yours: #StetsonxLanghorne