New Album: Lost At Last Vol. 1

Dear friends, freaks and beautiful strangers,
As many of you know, I’ve been hard at work on a new record for the last many months. Now the time has come to share it with you all!!! I’m humbled and delighted to announce, Lost at Last  Vol. 1 will be released on November 10th by Dualtone Records.
From its inception, the only goal was to create an album based in love. Music for the people who love and cherish other people. For those that wish to live in a world of possibilities and to be who we are, not who we’re taught to be. I hope we’ve succeeded. I hope it will offer a small flame to dance by when it feels cold and dark. Today, I’m also releasing the EP titled Never Break, which contains three songs from the Lost At Last Vol. 1 album. Upon pre-ordering the album, you will instantly get the three Never Break EP tracks. You can stream the EP here.