The Pink House Sessions are here!!

Due to cosmic curiosities and magnetic mysteries beyond my full comprehension, I’ve recently become the owner and caretaker of a very special home. It all started when Jon Legere – aka Bermuda Jon – sent me a picture of a pink house from his office in New York City. I dropped everything I was doing that day (which wasn’t much) and rushed over to marvel at this little magical house. As I sat out front day dreaming (or, as some might call it, loitering), I heard a deep, kind voice: “hi, can I answer any questions about the house?” And that’s where it all began.

For the next several months Gary and Janie, the owners of The Pink House, and I exchanged a fleet of emails filled with musings, stories and spiritual contemplations on life, love, dreams and home. Through truths that exist where words have never lived – a mysterious BMI check from Japan – and a love song that I wrote for Gary, Janie and the house itself, I found myself with the keys to this dream that I now call home.  I’ve spent most all of my money, my accountant quit and a few folks have even advised me to paint it – but I kept dreaming the dream, and now I’m living in it.  As Kenny Siegal once told me, “go where the love is kid.” I’ve since discovered that when you get there, you’re home.

In the first two weeks of living in The Pink House, nothing short of magic has transpired. My dear friends Joel Sadler and Sarah Schutzki, of La Blogotheque fame, turned up at my doorstep for an incredible ten-day stay. What began as a request to have Joel and Sarah film me and a few friends playing my Pink House Song led to a rotating cast of musical wizards stopping in to visit, take in the pink vibes and play their soulful songs. How lucky am I?! We filmed it all, and what started as a small and humble idea has turned into a time capsule of extraordinary performances of deep spirit and beauty.

Please visit the new site, The Pink House Sessions. An initial collection of videos in the first two weeks of me living in my home, followed by others than have transpired since. Here’s to many, many more, and to love, to dreams and to having the faith to do both.

With great gratitude and thanks to Gary, Janie, Jon, Joel, Sarah, Kate, Holly and all the friends that have stopped by thus far, and to all the friends that will drop by in the future. This is gonna be fun!

Love & light, brothers and sisters.

Stay groovy,